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Bona Naturale 1 Component 4.5L

Bona Naturale 1 Component 4.5L

Bona Naturale 1-Comp Bona Naturale, 1-component is the next generation of wooden floor protection from Bona . It combines the best from wood oil, hard wax, oil and waterborne finishes with a unique natural look and feel.

Bona Naturale , 1-component is a product for surface treatment of wooden residentialfloors subject to medium or light heavy wear. The unique composition of Bona Naturale creates the look and feel of pure wood. Bona Naturale, 1-component is waterborne and contains less than 5% solvents. Bona Naturale is partly made of renewable resources and has all the advantages of a durable waterborne environmentally safe system.

Product Code: 57-10
Price: £ 92.40 per pcs ex. VAT
Stock availability: in stock

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Bona Naturale Base 4.5L, Bona Naturale
Bona Naturale Base 4.5L
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Bona Naturale 2 Component 4.5L, Bona Naturale
Bona Naturale 2 Component 4.5L
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Bona Naturale Repair Kit, Bona Naturale
Bona Naturale Repair Kit
Price: £ 13.70 per sqm ex. VAT

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