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Wenge Worktop Upstand 4m

Wenge Worktop Upstand 4m

These A-grade quality worktops are manufactured from 40mm staves. They can be purchased at 2, 3 and 4 metres in length and 650mm and 950mm in width. Real Wood Flooring's Worktops come with square edges, but different edge profiles are also available upon request. They are sanded to 150 grit and are untreated, which allows you to finish them to any desired shade.

Wenge is an extremely dense and dark hardwood full of character with a close grain of nearly black separated by brown grains. All of our Wenge wood worktops are built to the highest quality and are finished to a professional standard. The smooth finish of yourworktop makes it easier to work on but also Wenge ’s unique dense nature delivers unsurpassed durability.

Product Code: 70-67
Price: £ 60.00 per pcs ex. VAT
Stock availability: in stock

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Beech Worktop Upstand 4m
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Zebrano Worktop Upstand 4m
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Sapele Worktop Upstand 4m, Upstands
Sapele Worktop Upstand 4m
Price: £ 34.00 per pcs ex. VAT

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